Course Highlight/ Description

The Bachelor of General Studies is a new academic programme offered by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). The programme provides individuals with an opportunity to learn across five main areas. These include management, science, computing, technology and humanities, getting the best of higher education from all the faculties in UTM. Through a structured 4-year undergraduate curriculum, learners cultivate their lateral thinking to operate in a multidisciplinary environment. Therefore, this programme helps our undergraduates’ progress in government agencies and enterprise, pursuing their postgraduate studies as well as leading the change in industries, communities and societies.

Students enrolling in our Bachelor of General Studies will continue their studies in the UTM Johor Bahru campus, the only Malaysian public research university located in the Iskandar Malaysia economic region. With its seven faculties and over 29 schools, academies, and centres of excellence, students gain access to the best of talent and expertise in UTM. They will also be involved in active learning, which necessitates and helps those students who are taking individual roles in the learning process. This reflects on the connection between theory and practice within and across disciplines.

This special academic programme also offers flexibility for working professionals who are keen to upgrade and improve their skills, creating an excellent lifelong learning pathway.

Attributes of the UTM Bachelor of General Studies Programme:

1.Flexible learning, fulfils the criteria of a curriculum that is ready for a future
2.Student-oriented, in accordance to their own individual requirement
3.A variety of courses, across different field of study
4.Dynamic and coherent curriculum
5.Acquire vast areas of knowledge and skills

The UTM Bachelor of General Studies programme is offered in both full-time and part-time basis. Students attend lectures, complete assignments, and undergo periodical tests and end-of-semester examinations.

The total credit hours of the UTM Bachelor of General Studies programme are 130 credit hours. First, students have to enrol in 22 credits of university general courses and 30 credits of programme compulsory courses. Secondly, they need to fulfil 45 credits of general studies elective courses. Next, completing 27 credits of specialised elective courses, enrolling into various courses across all the faculties in UTM in accordance to their career needs. Finally, the students are required to accomplish 6 credits of industrial training for a successful completion of a study course. An academic and career advisor will be assigned to each student to facilitate the development of a personalised curriculum structure throughout their study period.


Intake for the UTM Bachelor of General Studies programme occurs two times in a year. Students can choose to enrol in February or September.

Course Duration

It takes four years to complete the UTM Bachelor of General Studies programme. The students’ academic load is spread over a course of eight semesters.

Entry Requirement

1) Pass STPM or equivalent with a minimum PNGK of 2.00 Grade C (NGMP 2.00) for General Studies; And Grade C (NGMP 2.00) for TWO (2) other Subjects ; OR
2) Pass STAM with a minimum grade of Jayyid Jiddan ; OR
3) MOE Matriculation/ UA Foundation/ US Foundation or Equivalent with miniumum of CGPA ≥ 2.00 ; OR
4) Diploma or any other Equivalent Qualification Recognized by the Malaysian Government and Approved by the University Senate.
5) Passed the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM/ Equivalent) with at least Credit in Bahasa Melayu/ Bahasa Malaysia OR
6) Credit in Bahasa Melayu/ Bahasa Malaysia July Paper; AND
7) Obtained at least Band 2 in Malaysian University English Test (MUET)

Total Estimated Fee

Overall fee for 4 years about RM45,136.00

Careers Prospects

The Bachelor of General of Studies is customized to a variety of career needs including but not limited to:

1) Big Data Analyst
2) Digital Marketing Strategist
3) Industrial Psychologist
4) Consultant
5) Database Administrator
6) Human Resource Management
7) Computer System Analyst
8) Administrative Assistant

Campus Branches

The UTM Bachelor of General Studies programme will be conducted at the UTM Johor Bahru campus.