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IACT College

Course Highlight/ Description

Media and communications are embedded within all our interactions. They are utilised for storytelling, narratives, news reports, public relations and everything in between. Do you want to leave your mark in this central industry? Take the first step by joining our Foundation in Media Studies.

This programme provides an introduction to mass communication subjects such as journalism, public relations, advertising, graphic design, and broadcasting.

This programme will expose you to the fundamentals of creative communications, media, and design. Upon successful completion, you can choose from a range of 3+0 and UK transfer degree programmes in Media and Communications offered at IACT.


January, April, June & August

Course Duration

12 months

Entry Requirement

5 Credits in SPM, IGCSE, or equivalent;
Minimum 3 B’s in UEC;
Pass in Certificate in Communication Studies from IACT College

Total Estimated Fee


Campus Branches

PJ Campus