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School of Business

Course Highlight/ Description

Indra Nooyi once said, “You must continuously increase your learning, the way you think and the way you approach your organisation.” As a business professional, your bank of knowledge and skills must be somewhat limitless.

So, if you already have a Master’s degree, our Doctor of Business Administration programme, is the perfect launching pad for you to delve further into the intricacies of business.

Embark on your doctorate with us and be amongst some of the greatest minds in the business world!

With this Course, You Will:
- Extend and develop your theoretical and empirical understanding to enable you to identify and resolve business challenges in both the private and public sectors.
- Build your research capabilities.
- Gain access to careers in academia, consultancy or management in a diverse range of industries worldwide.


January, May & September

Course Duration

3 Years

Entry Requirement

- A recognised Master's Degree approved by the Senate.
- Any other equivalent qualification(s) accepted by the Senate.

Total Estimated Fee