School of Academic/ Faculty

School of Law

Course Highlight/ Description

This course is a compulsory professional examination if you wish to gain admission into the Malaysian Bar as a qualified advocate and solicitor.

The examination is conducted by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board and regulated by the  Legal Profession Act 1976 (Act 166). Upon successful completion of the examinations, you may proceed to chamber under a Master at a law firm of your choice or enter the corporate world.

With this Course, You Will:
- Develop in-depth knowledge of the principles, rules, practices, powers and
procedures that govern legal practice in Malaysia.
- Recognise the roles and responsibilities, liabilities, immunity, privileges and
ethics of the Legal Profession in Malaysia.
- Gain detailed knowledge of the procedures governing the various stages of a trial,
from commencing civil proceedings in the High Court and the Subordinate Courts to
- Acquire a thorough understanding of the rules, practices and procedures of criminal
justice to ensure proper and efficient administration.
- Acquire a thorough understanding of all the principles of evidence and be able to
apply that knowledge practically in civil and criminal proceedings.



Course Duration

9 Months

Entry Requirement

You are required to be a Malaysian citizen or a PR Holder and have a minimum of: 

- 5 SPM Credits or equivalent in a single sitting, and
- Foundation/ 2 A-Level Passes / 2 STPM Principals or its equivalent, in a single sitting, and
- A Law degree recognised by the LPQB

Entry Requirements for Mature Students are: 

- Minimum 3 SPM Credits or equivalent in a single sitting, and
- Minimum 5 years of proven working experience in the related field.
*Subject to changes by the LPQB 

Total Estimated Fee

Tuition Fees: RM16,000 + LPQB Registration, Examination & Application Fees: RM6,050

Campus Branches

KL/PJ Campuses