Course Highlight/ Description


This programme aims to nurture committed and skilled practitioners for the well-being of individuals with special needs, particularly in education and community empowerment. Students will learn about the types and characteristics of special needs, the assessment and intervention approach, the broader environmental, language and social contexts, and issues related to social inclusion, empowerment, and quality of life of individuals with special needs. The Programme will provide students with practical experience in real work environments. Graduates will work with families, schools, and communities to effectively facilitate inclusion and enhance the quality of life for individuals with special education needs.


九月入学 September Intake

Course Duration

4年 4 years

Entry Requirement

Acceptable non-local qualifications for Malaysian students:

- Grade C or above in at least 6 subjects at UEC (Senior Middle Level) in one sitting; or
- Grade C or above in at least 3 subjects in Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) in the same sitting, other than language subjects.

Recognised English Language Qualification(s):
- Band 4 (Aggregated Score 180-219) or above in Malaysian University English Test (MUET); or
- Grade C or above in SPM English Language; or
- Grade C or above in STPM English Language; or
- Grade B4 or above in UEC-Senior English Language; or
- General English Language Requirements

For other acceptable non-local qualifications, please refer to

Total Estimated Fee

港币56万元(学费或会有所调整) HK$560,000 (subject to annual review)

Careers Prospects


- 特殊教育联络主任/协调员
- 项目主任、联络主任或社区支援主任
- 行政主任或平等机会主任
- 教学助理、学习辅导员或项目联络主任


The skills and perspectives students developed through the BA(SE) will be of particular value in careers related to social services, community development, and education-related business in government and non-governmental organisations. Possible positions may include:

- Special Education Coordinator/Facilitator in NGOs, rehabilitation centres, sheltered workshops and training units, etc. to provide assessment and case management services, family support, and home care coordination to people with disabilities;
- Project Officer, Liaison Officer or Community Support Officer in government and non-government agencies, charities, private enterprises, community groups etc., to work with community services and other professionals;
- Executive Officer or Equal Opportunities Officer in government, non-government and private organizations to facilitate self-advocacy and/or negotiate on behalf of people with disabilities; and
- Teaching Assistant, Learning Mentors, or Project Coordinator in mainstream and special learning environments such as schools, NGOs, rehabilitation centres, and learning support units.

Graduates may also continue their professional development through postgraduate studies and extend their career horizon to academic/teaching professionals, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, clinical audiologists, social workers, job placement specialists or consultants in the field of inclusive and special education.

*Remarks: The BA(SE) programme facilitates students to pursue careers in education and human services. Completion of the programme will not lead to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in Hong Kong. Upon graduation, students interested in pursuing professional teacher training may apply for a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) or programmes granting a QTS.