Course Highlight/ Description

小学教育学士 - 常识主修可提升学生与终身学习有关的共同能力,培育正面的价值观,并透过探究、专题研习及服务学习建立各种技能。作为跨学科科目,本课程致力培育学生的共同能力(例如:解难、明辨思考、创意、研习、沟通、资讯科技等等),以助学生于在资讯发达的年代中学习及了解社会和环境议题。学生将会熟习探究的精神和框架,并具备社会和科学探究的相关技能,以运用于常识科的教学中。

Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Primary) - General Studies promotes your generic skills for life-wide and life-long learning, fosters positive personal and social values and attitudes and develops your skills through investigation, project learning and service learning. Taught as an interdisciplinary subject, this programme aims to develop generic skills (e.g. problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, study skills, communication, Information Technology, etc.) that are essential for learning in the information era and for making sense of social and environmental issues. You will be acquainted with the spirit and framework of inquiry and will be equipped with the social and scientific inquiry skills that come into play in the teaching and learning of General Studies.


九月入学 September Intake

Course Duration

5年 5 Years

Entry Requirement

Acceptable non-local qualifications for Malaysian students:

- Grade C or above in at least 6 subjects at UEC (Senior Middle Level) in one sitting; or
- Grade C or above in at least 3 subjects in Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) in the same sitting, other than language subjects.

Recognised English Language Qualification(s):
- Band 4 (Aggregated Score 180-219) or above in Malaysian University English Test (MUET); or
- Grade C or above in SPM English Language; or
- Grade C or above in STPM English Language; or
- Grade B4 or above in UEC-Senior English Language; or
- General English Language Requirements

For other acceptable non-local qualifications, please refer to

Total Estimated Fee

港币70万元(学费或会有所调整) HK$700,000 (subject to annual review)

Careers Prospects

学生完成本课程后能够兼具丰厚的学术及专业知识,就业前途良好。他们可获得 「香港注册教师」 资历,成为合资格的本地小学教师。除任职专业教师外,毕业生还可以利用所拥有的学科知识和才智技能,在不同行业发展,例如政府部门丶新闻机构丶出版社等。

The in-depth academic and professional knowledge confers graduates of the programme with excellent career prospects. They will possess a Qualified Teacher Status in Hong Kong and are ready to become fully qualified teachers in local primary schools. In addition to the professional teaching career, as they will have been equipped with the necessary academic knowledge and intellectual skills, they can also embark on a wide variety of other careers, such as civil service, news organisations, publishing houses, etc.