【Technology News】Nintendo is said to be adding Game Boy titles to Switch Online for gamers

By Lim Teck Seng Photo: Nintendo Official Website

Switch gamers will have the chance to experience the nostalgic handheld Game Boy games in future? A podcast named “Nate the Hate ”revealed earlier that Nintendo might bring Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to Switch Online platform in order to generate additional values for the subscription service as well as boosting their appeal to gamers.

The podcast quoted a tweet in 2019 saying as a result of data mining, Twitterer OatmealDome found that a total of four emulators had been reserved for Switch Online platform, namely “Kachikachi” (NES), “Canoe” (SNES), “Hiyoko” and “Count”. The podcaster believed that “Hiyoko” was probably designed for Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, while the remaining “Count” could be the one prepared for Nintendo 64 or Game Boy Advance.

Soon after, two online media Nintendo Life and Eurogamer separately claimed that Nintendo would add these classic handheld games to Switch Online, which sparked heated discussions on the internet at once. However, when technology media The Verge attempted to seek confirmation from Nintendo, the latter neither admitted nor denied, “We have nothing to announce on this topic.”

It is learned that there are over 100 classic NES and SNES games to be accessed upon subscription to Switch Online, for instance, Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, among others. As for the subscription fees, it costs US$3.99 per month (approximately RM17), while the yearly membership costs US$19.99 (approximately RM83).